The Global Leadership Forum Invests in NPower, St. Louis

The Global Leadership Forum Expands Reach of NPower’s Tech Training Pipeline in St. Louis with $600K Contribution

The Global Leadership Forum (GLF) has announced that it will invest $600K in the nonprofit work training organization - NPower -  over a four-year period. This contribution provides NPower students in St. Louis and across the country with transformative, high-quality technology skills training and professional development.

This contribution supports and aids NPower’s five-year strategic goal of placing 15,000 military veterans, minorities and young adults from underserved communities in career-track tech jobs by the end of 2022.

This gift is part of the GLF strategic mission to create, nurture and evolve a coalition of organizations whose collective missions will drive increased numbers of diverse leaders in the talent pipeline that will demonstrate leadership in their communities and in the global marketplace. 

“We are excited to team with NPower to increase the number of diverse graduates and professionals who are prepared to meet the growing demand of a tech-qualified workforce,” says Kendall Norris, CEO of the GLF. “The Global Leadership Forum investment supports NPower’s goal of becoming the go-to leader for employers to recruit diverse, entry-level technology talent by 2022.”

GLF and NPower Create Pathways for Digital Careers in St. Louis

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in today’s economy, over 50 percent of all jobs require some degree of technical and digital skill, and this is expected to grow to 77 percent by 2020 in the U.S. Yet, the job market is not keeping pace.  And minorities remain underrepresented in tech. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 2.2 percent and 4.7 percent of tech professionals were black and Hispanic respectively in 2015.

“In order for America to compete on a global scale, we need to train our workforce with the digital skills required for prosperous economic growth,” says Dave Steward, Founder of GLF and chairman and founder of World Wide Technology. “With NPower, students benefit from a curriculum that is designed by corporations and industry leaders. This education prepares them for work immediately upon graduation.”

Co-chairs and Advisory Board members, Linda Gooden and Larry Quinlan, echoed the sentiments and issued personal appeals to engage in the mission of the GLF and NPower.  Linda stated, “I believe it's time to focus on our youth! It's time to ensure they too have an opportunity to achieve the proverbial American Dream. I believe access and affordability to a quality education is foundational, because education is fundamental in changing one's economic paradigm.”  Larry also reiterated the importance of education with his statement, ”Education, opportunity and action are hallmark traits of highly successful people. The Global Leadership Forum is dedicated to ensuring that our youth and our professionals are equipped with the education, opportunity and network required to help them achieve whatever level of success they choose.

The GLF and NPower share a common goal of boosting a diverse, domestic technology workforce where all people regardless of ethnicity, gender or socio-economic background can succeed in the digital economy.

The CEO of NPower, Bertina Ceccarelli, says this GLF contribution will change the life trajectory for thousands of young adults, military veterans and minorities from communities that are frequently overlooked.

“This contribution from GLF will help expand the work-training programs NPower already has in place,” says Bertina Ceccarelli, CEO of NPower.” “Our tech-training, mentoring from business leaders, paid internships and career development workshops continually set NPower apart from all others. Our graduates also leave with industry-recognized certifications and private networking opportunities with our alumni.”

The next NPower tech training programs begin in St. Louis on January 22, 2018. Students can apply here.


About NPower

NPower is a national nonprofit, founded in 2002, that creates pathways to economic prosperity by launching IT careers for military veterans and young adults from underserved communities. They empower underrepresented talent to pursue tech futures by teaching the technical and professional skills demanded by the marketplace, and engaging corporations, volunteers and nonprofits in the long-term success of their students. NPower programs are free to qualified students. For more information, visit and follow NPower on FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


About Global Leadership Forum (GLF)

Global Leadership Forum (GLF) promotes state-of-the-art programs that will produce workforce ready diverse talent from entry to C-level positions in the public and private sectors, and foster entrepreneurialism in technology. This is accomplished by jointly and strategically focusing on improving the graduation rates in the STEAM disciplines, enhancing the soft skills, fostering innovation and creative thought, developing leadership skills and mastering leading technology industry competencies. 

GLF achieves its strategic goals by:

  • Fostering core values that are critical for sustainable success -

        Commitment * Courage * Humility * Open-minded * Servant leadership * Visionary * Integrity * Trust

  • Facilitating collaboration between policymakers, educators non-profit and corporate entities and diverse leadership focused on creating transformative change for underserved communities
  • Engaging students in the classroom, through rigorous mentorship, by providing internships, scholarships, permanent employment and jointly creating business opportunities
  • Addressing educational/skills gaps and workforce needs of the public and private sectors through partnerships and alliances

For more information, visit  

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GLF announces new CEO Kendall Norris

The Global Leadership Forum (GLF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Kendall Norris as its first Chief Executive Officer.  Kendall has worked with the GLF as a volunteer since its inception.  Most recently, Kendall was a global managing director with Deloitte in the Global Technology Services organization.  In addition to his 7 years with Deloitte, he previously held numerous technology leadership roles over a 20 year career with corporations, such as, TRW, EDS, USG and American Airlines.  Kendall will formally take the helm of GLF as CEO on 14 August 2017, working closely with Valerie Patton (Senior Advisor to the CEO).  He and his family will relocate to St. Louis, MO.

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2017 National Academy Foundation Conference

The National Academy Foundation (NAF) honored the city of St. Louis and the Jennings, MO. school district with the President’s Award at the recent NAF Next 2017 annual conference held at the Gaylord resort Dallas, TX.  The award was accepted on behalf of the Jennings school district, St. Louis Chamber of Commerce and WWT by Dr. Art McCoy (Jennings school district superintendent and architect of the Jennings academies), Valerie Patton (SVP Community Development, St. Louis Chamber of Commerce and Executive Director, Global Leadership Forum), Ann Marr (VP Global Human Resources, WWT) and Juanita Logan (Director Corporate Development, WWT).


The NAF President’s Award is an annual honor presented to the school district(s) that demonstrates outstanding work in preparing students to be college and career ready upon graduation. The theme for this year’s conference wasBeFutureReady.  The award was presented to the St. Louis team by NAF president, J.D. Hoye.  Jennings was a natural selection for the award based on the district’s ability to leverage the rigorous learning platform already in place and fast track three NAF academies in the high school in three months and achieve a 100% high school graduation rate for the 2017 graduating class!  Under the NAF, schools partner with local businesses and establish career-oriented academy tracks for students.


Additionally, Art and Juanita participated in a panel discussion during one of the conference super sessions,Engage! High Quality Academy Experiences for All.  They were accompanied on the panel by Allison Schwabish (Academy Director, Northport Academy of Finance), Connor Nolan (Chair Northport Advisory Board and Alumni, Northport Academy of Finance), Dr. Erin Bibo (Deputy Chief, College & Career Programs, District of Columbia) and Lisa Wilson (Business, Finance & Marketing Education Associate, Delaware Dept. of Education.  The panel led an engaged audience in a discussion on education best practices and proven examples of how to achieve educational excellence amidst challenging circumstances.  Also in attendance to celebrate the award were members of the Jennings team:

  • Rhonda Key, Principal of Jennings Senior High
  • Miranda Ming, Assistant Principal of Jennings Senior High
  • Remy Bryant, Instructional Coach/Science Teacher/NAF Teacher Expert
  • David Fox, Math Teacher
  • Vanessa Meads, School Counselor
  • Christopher Sellers, Math Teacher/STEM Coach

The NAF, is a national network of education, business and community leaders who work together to ensure high-school students are meticulously prepared for college and their careers.  NAF academies focus on one of five career themes: finance, hospitality & tourism, information technology, engineering, and health sciences. During the 2016-17 school year more than 96,000 students attended 675 NAF academies across 36 states, including D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In 2016, NAF academies reported 96% of seniors graduated with 92% of graduates with post-secondary intentions. For more information, please visit: NAF - Be Future Ready

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Women of Color STEM Conference

October 5-7, 2017

Detroit, MI

Since 1995, Women of Color magazine's annual Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Conference has been the forum of choice for recognizing the significant contributions by women in STEM fields. The event attracts and leverages exceptional talent within the nation’s scientific and technical workforce.

The conference offers both valuable career networking opportunities and hosts prestigious award ceremonies, which have earned widespread praise. Attendees have the opportunity to meet and learn from executives representing Fortune 500 companies that are committed to diversity and to the advancement of women in the workforce.

College students in attendance are able to meet award winners and learn the next critical steps in forging their own successful careers.


More Details:


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National Minority Supplier Diversity Conference (NMSDC)

October 22-25, 2017

Detroit, MI

The NMSDC Conference and Business Opportunity Exchange is the nation’s premier forum on minority supplier development. For four days, more than 6,000 corporate CEOs, procurement executives and supplier diversity professionals from the top multinational companies, as well as leading Asian, Black, Hispanic and Native American business owners and international organizations will convene in Detroit, Michigan at Cobo Center to re-energize their collective efforts to Certify > Develop > Connect > and Advocate for solid minority firms in the global corporate supply chain. 

More Details:

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ITSMF 4th Quarter 2017 Symposium

November 9-11, 2017

The symposium offers access to a network of expert resource speakers, IT executive peers and executive learning workshops. It provides a place for executives to draw on the experience and knowledge of their peers, share best business practices, leadership styles and other leadership topics to enhance decision making, performance and ultimately job advancement. 

Participants also hear from expert resource speakers who deliver proven strategies and fresh perspectives that can be immediately applied. The symposium is exclusively for ITSMF members, protégés, alumni and invited guest.  

More Details:



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BEYA STEM Global Competitiveness Conference

February 8-10, 2018

Washington, DC 

The annual BEYA Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Global Competitiveness Conference is one of the largest diversity events for scientists and engineers. 

Almost 10,000 science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students, professionals, and leaders are expected to attend the BEYA STEM Global Competitiveness Conference.

BEYA STEM Global Competitiveness Conference attendees have the opportunity to attend professional development seminars alongside industry leaders over three days.


More Details: LINK

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GLF in the News: 2017 Global Leadership Forum Summit

Photo by: Wiley Price / St. Louis American

The first Global Leadership Forum Summit took place April 6 at World Wide Technology. The summit's mandate was "Educate To Action."

"If we don't reach children by the age of four, we have missed our opportunity to instill excellence," said Pamela McCauley, one of the three keynote speakers, a professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems at the University of Central Florida and director of its Ergonomics Laboratory. "We must engage children much earlier."

The Global Leadership Forum’s mission is “to unite and empower diverse talent to enable innovation and value creation,” and its vision is “to inspire and ignite untapped potential in the global community."...

To Continue Reading: LINK
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GLF Annual Technology Summit

April 6, 2017

St. Louis, MO

Join Global Leadership Forum (GLF) for the first annual “Global Leadership Forum Technology Summit”. This year’s theme is “Educate to Action”.  The 2017 Summit will bring together S.T.E.A.M. thought leaders from Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, technology startup community, information technology companies, educators, foundation leaders, public policy makers and government officials to discuss solutions to the leading challenges contributing to the disparities in multicultural talent in STEAM related fields.  The Summit will feature keynote addresses from leading technology figures and higher education demographics expert, plenary sessions with technology luminaries, as well as announcements from the Global Leadership Forum regarding making commitments in STEAM multicultural talent.

Date: Thursday, April 6, 2017

Time: 8:00AM – 4:00PM


World Wide Technology

701 Fee Fee Road

Maryland Heights, MO 63043


More Details: Register Now

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GLF is Proud to be a Part of the Congressional Black Caucus TECH 2020 Inclusion Program


In May 2015, the Congressional Black Caucus launched CBC TECH 2020to bring together the best minds in the tech, non-profit, education and public sectors to chart a path forward to increase African American inclusion at all levels of the technology industry. The lack of African American representation in the technology industry means that many of our best and brightest – the problem solvers, critical thinkers, and those that challenge conventional thinking – are not included, and America’s global competitiveness suffers as a result. By adopting a CBC TECH African American Inclusion Plan, organizations are expressing their commitment to use their unique capabilities and networks to contribute to increasing diversity in the technology industry.


Global Leadership Forum (Public / Private Partnership) 



The Global Leadership Forum is designed to create, nurture and evolve a coalition of organizations whose collective missions will increase the number of competitive, diverse technologists in the talent pipeline who

will lead the global marketplace. The Forum will serve as a collective voice and unifying force amongst the participating organizations. The Forum’s participants will promote state-of-the-art programs that will produce workforce ready diverse talent from entry- to C-level positions in the public and private sectors and foster entrepreneurialism in technology. This will be accomplished by jointly and strategically focusing on improving the graduation rates in the STEM disciplines, enhancing the soft skills and the leadership development skills and mastering the technology industry competencies.



A diverse group of organizations, public and private sectors are partnering to ready a pipeline of talent to drive positive academic and professional outcomes, and provide a strong, diverse, innovative workforce for consumption by the technology marketplace.



The Global Leadership Forum will achieve its strategic goals by:


•   Promoting collaboration between the institutional leadership, the private and public sectors, interested corporate entities and diverse leadership, and technology and innovation-focused organizations

•   Engaging students in the classroom, providing internships, scholarships and ultimately, permanent employment

•   Addressing the workforce needs of the public and private sectors through partnerships and alliances

•   Fostering entrepreneurialism in technology 


The Global Leadership Forum was designed by the collaborative efforts of its partners: 



ITSMF is the only national organization dedicated exclusively to cultivating executive-level talent among African-American information technology professionals. Since its inception in 1996, ITSMF has offered leadership development programs and held quarterly Symposiums focused on preparing the next generation of diverse technology leaders in the global marketplace. Today, fifty-two percent (52%) of their members are from Fortune 500 companies.



A non-profit organization of professionals working in or having an interest in the Computer Science and Information Technology fields. BDPA has a diverse representation of information technology professionals.

Included amongst the organization's members are programmers, analysts, engineers, managers, instructors and entrepreneurs, to name a few.



A 501(c)3 that was founded in 1993 to promote career opportunities in engineering, science and technology to historically underrepresented groups in STEM fields through professional and career development, educational programs, awards programs and career placement opportunities.



An award-winning systems integrator that provides innovative technology products, services and supply chain solutions to customers and suppliers around the globe. WWT brings an innovative and proven approach to how organizations discover, evaluate, architect and implement technology. 


Global Leadership Forum & Career Communications Group Action Items 

Outcome: Increase the availability and access to highly qualified, diverse C-Suite and board talent for Fortune 500 & 1000 companies. Additionally, support the entry into and expansion of diverse information and technology entrepreneurs 

Importance: Ensure technology companies have access to the diverse talent needed for C-Suite and corporate Board opportunities, promotions and increased responsibilities

Action Steps: Continue to deliver and expand the successful senior leadership development programs of the current participating partners. 



Beyond the current GLF partners, we will be seeking future partnerships with organizations that have senior level leadership development programs for mid-level and above diverse executives. GLF will also work closely with Fortune 500 & 1000 companies who support the GLF Mission. 


Learn More


Board of Directors:

Linda Gooden - Retired - Executive Vice President – Lockheed Martin Information Systems

Dave Steward - Chairmen / Founder – World Wide Technology

Earl Pace - Chairmen Emeritus / Founder – Black Data Processing Associates

Doug Ash - Chairmen – Information Technology Senior Management Forum

Tyrone Taborn - Chairmen & CEO – Career Communications Group

Lt. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins - Retired – US Airforce


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