The Global Leadership Forum formally launched in early 2015, but its partners have been in existence for an average of 30 years. 

It is well documented that the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines are the levers of economic growth for the future. In order to meet President Obama’s challenge to have the “Best educated, most competitive work force in the world by 2020”--similar to his Tech Hire Initiative goals--the public, private and academic sectors will need to increase the number of diverse college graduates and professionals who are prepared to meet the growing demand for these disciplines. Meeting this need will ensure that our nation has the highest proportion of workforce-ready resources in the world by the year 2020.

America 27th in math
America 20th in science
America 17th overall

The Global Leadership Forum (GLF) is designed to create, nurture and evolve a coalition of organizations whose collective missions will increase the number of competitive, diverse technologists in the talent pipeline who will lead the global marketplace. GLF serves as a collective voice and unifying force amongst the participating organizations.

The Forum’s participants promote state-of-the-art programs that will produce workforce ready diverse talent from entry- to C-level positions in the public and private sectors and foster entrepreneurialism in technology. This is accomplished by jointly and strategically focusing on improving the graduation rates in the STEM disciplines, enhancing the soft skills and the leadership development skills and mastering the technology industry competencies.

The Global Leadership Forum achieves its strategic goals by:

  • Promoting collaboration between the institutional leadership, the private and public sectors, interested corporate entities and diverse leadership, and technology and innovation-focused organizations
  • Engaging students in the classroom, providing internships, scholarships and ultimately, permanent employment
  • Addressing the workforce needs of the public and private sectors through partnerships and alliances
  • Fostering entrepreneurialism in technology
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